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As a former drama and music teacher, producer-director of 25 plays and musicals,
celebrated singer/pianist/entertainer recording artist LORI DONATO brings a wealth of
knowledge and expertise to her clients and students.
What can Lori Donato not do? As a vocal coach, she has helped me reach new heights in my range and my performance confidence. As a songstress, she dazzled my friends and family when she performed at my wedding reception. And as a diva, she is unparalleled. I have been mesmerized by her performances many a time. She can effortlessly move from behind the piano to gliding across the stage all the while carrying her audience on a hilarious, powerful, and moving journey through stories and songs. Every time a friend asks me for a vocal coach recommendation, I tell them “Lori Donato.”
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Contemporary Pop
Soft Rock
"Lori Donato is everything that inspires, uplifts,
connects and energizes people!"
Dianne Legro, Transformational coach
"Lori has taken me to new heights of success!
I am now performing consistently in musicals
and special events thanks to her expert teaching".
—Bill Clifford
"Lori Donato is a MIRACLE WORKER!
...the Annie Sullivan of vocal coaches!"
—Thom McMorris
"As a performance coach, Lori Donato has done
more for me than anyone I have ever worked with!"
—Tom Culver

I've seen Lori change PERFORMANCES almost 100%
in one workshop. If you're good, she makes you better.
—Terri Weiss - vocal coach to the stars

Timothy Bruneau
Director of Music, Marlborough School

The first time I heard Lori Donato perform, I was immediately struck by two things: the captivating rhythmic energy she creates as a pianist and her consistent ability to get to the "heart" of the lyric as a vocalist. Her gifts as a teacher and coach are significant as well. She has clear concise methods of song analysis and her approach to learning new material is, from the beginning, based upon honest and sincere expression. Clearly, her goal is to lead a student to his or her own individual truth about a song and thereby reveal what is inherently unique and memorable about each one's talent.

Lori Donato's knowledge of the great American songs of the past century is extensive and extremely impressive. Be it George Gershwin, Richard Rogers, Jerome Kern, Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin...or any number of others in the pantheon of iconic American composers, Lori knows the original theatrical context of their works and the historical background of hundreds of classic songs. Beyond this she is an engaging and inspiring coach with the ability to bring out the finest possible product in any student with whom she works. As both a performer and teacher, she's a shining star whose light reveals the best in everyone.

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